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Register the DOMAIN of your choice

  • Example: .ch, .swiss, .com and any other

Secure your desired Internet address and manage your DOMAIN portfolio in one place only. We offer you real time registration and administration for all of your DOMAINs. Our offered DOMAIN endings are divided into the following categories:


Country DOMAINs

These endings are best suitable for websites, which primarily refer to visitors in the corresponding country/ region.


Generic DOMANs

Profit from a wide range of these world wide very popular endings.



Since 2014 new DOMAINs are being launched almost every week. You can find interesting endings in the areas of countries/cities/regions, business/industry/education, leisure/hobby/lifestyle and travel concepts/locomotion – naming just a small selection of categories.
Check out our list of all offered DOMAIN endings (including prices).
If your desired domain ending isn’t yet for sale, you can reserve the DOMAIN and we will inform you as soon as the DOMAIN is offered for sale.